October 12, 2019
Babanango Farming

01. The Challenge about this logo

O Well this was very challenging, Lesego (our client) she`s a fitness Guru, one of a kind. she has been supporting us ever since we met her thats in 2017. she is a model and a fitness guru. she decided to open launch a brand named fleepsta the name itself is very nice to pronounce and has that fitness vibe, she is very intelligent . so the logo gave us more pressure because you cant have a such a nice brand with an average logo. we spent about 2 hours brainstorming, we wanted to iconize the letter “F” so it can be an icon for her brands social media platforms, icon on the price tags etc and we came up with that upside down triangle with lines cutting in to make an F letter. she was so excited to have this as her logo. we on the other side we was super excited an grateful to be part of this beautiful project.