July 18, 2019
Food industry
Ice Guru

01. The Challenge & Solution

O Ice Guru, the client asked us to come up with a logo that will represent and tell more about the business without him having to say a thing in public.. well we spent about an hour discussing the brand and trying to come up with ideas, we did brainstorm and finally came up with this pinguin wearing a scarf these is sending a message, the message from the penguin is that: the penguin is found at actactica where ther is ice allover the place and water which means its found where the temperature is cold, again the scarf is mostly tugged on in cold weathers so all in all the logo tells us that theyre dealing with coldness.

02. Working Process

Just when we thought we finished with the logo, he came and asked us to do the business cards too, we designed them and when we done we waited for payment and he never paid he kept telling us that SARS is keeping his money locked blah blah this is one of the reasons why we dont work on any project until we receive at least 50% deposit. apart from that we are proud of ourselves for coming up with such a creative logo