January 02, 2019
Beauty & Day Spa
Zondiwes beauty & Day spa

01. The Challenge & Solution

O well i remember when sister zondiwe called, she had a logo but wasnt satisfied with her current logo so she came across our work on facebook for the other day spa, she decided to call and ask if we can do a better logo compared to her current logo. obviously we believe and trust our creativity we told her we can do 80x better we dont even want to see the current logo. she then gave us the information: colors, she also said she likes buttuerflies and will appreciate if we can find a way to incorporate a butterfly on the logo. as you can see the end results we blowed her mind. she was soo excited she called and said she is going to print on her uniform first thing in the morning. lol she was suer excited i never came a cross a happy client like her.